October 20th 2013: The callback request for Dial now includes the origination caller id, the termination phone number and the length of the call.


FullCourt API

The FullCourt API makes it simple to build phone applications using web technologies. Developers can focus on their core application development while FullCourt's powerful platform will handle all the telephony functions.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an account

    Sign up for a FullCourt account

  2. Create an application

    Receive an incoming phone call
    Developers can control inbound phone calls with FullCourt PhoneXML (developers will need to purchase a FullCourt phone number). When a call is received by an application's FullCourt number, FullCourt will make a requst to an application to receive further instructions via PhoneXML. Developers can specificy actions such as playing a recording, making a separate phone call or dictating a tet message in their PhoneXML response. For more information please read the PhoneXML Documentation.

    Make a phone call
    The ConnectAPI enables applications to make outbound phone calls. By using the AccountSid and AuthToken that are issued when signing up for a FullCourt account, applications make requests to the ConnectAPI to place calls to phones. For more information please read the ConnectAPI Documentation.

  3. Try it out

    Just try it out, to find out more!

If you have any questions about the API feel free to contact us.